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Who owns the software you build for us?

You should always seek legal clarification about this. However, our general rule is that anything proprietary that we deliver becomes your intellectual property. We provide a handover document which is completed at the point of delivery. This confirms the transfer of all ownership and copyright of the project and its IP.

It's worth noting that since we use open source coding and scripting languages you cannot own the codebase specifically, but you do own the end product as a whole and any IP contained within it
It appears to be at first. But when you dig a little deeper the answer isn't as simple as it seems.

Although the initial purchase of an off-the-shelf solution is usually less costly than its bespoke counterpart, you must consider the recurring monthly fees, as well as any long-term binding contracts and maintenance costs. Add to that the loss in productivity caused by inefficiencies, and a very different picture begins to form.

The fact is, most businesses only use around 10% of the features included in commercial software, yet they're paying for 100% of them. The beauty of bespoke software is that you get exactly what you want, exactly what your business needs, in a format that ensures buy-in at all levels as well as employee engagement. So, when considering the long-term view, bespoke software often provides a much better ROI.
Security is a key factor when planning any software project. In addition to following industry best practices, we have several measures we put in place to protect against malicious attacks or intrusions.
Absolutely. We regularly integrate with existing tools. Most of them have some form of API that we can connect to. Integration can be more complex with older legacy systems but there is usually a way of achieving good communication between the old and new tools.
There are several grants and funding options available, with new schemes being announced all the time. Through our extensive partner network, we can help you look into options that may be appropriate for your business.
Normally, yes, so long as your existing software can export it in a useable format (usually CSV or XML) or has an API we can use. We often migrate data from existing software and integrate legacy systems with new tools.
Don't worry, we won't leave you hanging! Once we've delivered your project, we'll be available on whatever basis works for you - either as and when needed or on a retainer or maintenance contract.
Per project. We only charge an hourly rate for ad-hoc work, such as occasional updates or ongoing development work. Projects are always quoted individually due to the many factors that contribute to the cost.
Yes, we're happy to sign an NDA. We can provide one too if required.
It depends on the scale and complexity of the project and whether you want us just to build the software or require the full discovery, design and build service. These first two stages are essential because they form the foundation for any successful project, so it's important to be as thorough as possible.

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