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Who are we?

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Code One Digital is a carbon neutral, ethically aligned nationwide software agency with a focus on building great user experiences.

We build tools that help businesses boost productivity by increasing engagement and streamlining workflows, using an approach that ensures stakeholder and employee buy-in.

Who are we?

What makes us different?

Diverse skillset

Diverse Skillset

We recruit only the best talent across a wide range of different skills to make sure our work is always of the highest standard. This diverse talent pool allows us to allocate the most suitable people to each project based on the scope of the work.

That means you get a bespoke team to design and build your bespoke software.

Distributed team

Distributed Team

Like many businesses after the pandemic, we've ditched the swanky, expensive office space for a fully distributed workforce.

Not only has this made us more productive and given us access to global talent, it's also lowered our overheads - a saving we pass on to you!

Committed to excellence

Committed to Excellence

Our team get results. Nothing less. We live in the real world and pride ourselves on our pragmatism.

The moment a project starts we work hard to understand your needs on a surgical level, communicating clearly throughout the entire process.

Why choose us?

Added value, as standard

Because we go above and beyond to deliver as much value as possible, the following are included at no additional cost with all our bespoke software projects:

Free software audit and strategy proposal

Full documentation of your finished product

Full transfer of ownership and copyright

30 days follow-up support and bug fixes

Remote training for your team and/or clients

Free software audit

Get a website & software audit

Not sure what you need? Not to worry!

If you're unsure what you need from your website or software, but you know it could perform better, our free audit helps you pinpoint exactly where improvements can be made.

We'll take a deep dive into which tools you're using and for what purposes. We'll also consider other metrics such as cost, customisation, support, engagement, data policy, reporting and more.

Then we'll suggest ways in which your website and software can be better integrated or consolidated to give you a greater ROI and improved productivity.

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Book your free discovery call

Ready to break free from the constraints of your existing software? Book a free strategy call with one of our friendly consultants to discover how we can help you level-up your business.

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A typical project timeline

This is an example of a typical workflow for a software development project:


01. Discovery

We begin by gathering information about your specific needs so we understand who's going to use the software and what you hope to get out of it. This research forms the foundation on which we design and deliver the solution.


02. Specification

We then create a comprehensive specification containing all the details about your software product. This vital document ensures the final product meets all the requirements identified during the discovery stage. It must be approved by all stakeholders before development can begin.


03. Design & Development

This is where the magic begins. Taking the findings from the discovery and spec, we'll produce draft designs or wireframes of your software. You'll have the chance gives to make any tweaks before building begins. Once the final drafts are approved, the project will be built and ready for internal testing.


04. Testing

Your software undergoes rigorous testing to make sure it's secure, user-friendly and meets the requirements of the original spec. And we don't stop until it functions seamlessly. It's not uncommon for us to bounce back and forth between testing and development several times, especially if new features have been requested.


05. Launch

The launch is that special moment when everything comes together. Your new software integrates into your daily workflow where it immediately begins boosting productivity, efficiency and profitability. If staff training is required to help people get to grips with your new product one of our team will be at hand to deliver.


Some kind words from our lovely clients.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and satisfaction. But don't just take our word for it. Here are some of the things our clients say about our work:

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